Video Classrooms UPSC PANOPTIC PRELIMS QUEST. Crack the code of UPSC Prelims in 100 hours!

PANOPTIC PRELIMS QUEST. Crack the code of UPSC Prelims in 100 hours!

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Panoptic Prelims Quest is a special programme to help you study the Previous Years Questions of UPSC prelims. It will help you develop the exam skill sets of elimination techniques, taking calculated risks, applying your knowledge and approaching the question in a meticulous manne


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About this Classroom

Sun Tzu, the great thinker from ancient China, had said "If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."

What is true of warfare is equally true of the Civil Services prelims exam. To surmount this challenge, you must first understand 'what and how' UPSC asks at this stage. One has to rigorously study the Previous years' questions for this purpose. But despite its importance, aspirants either neglect this task or don't do it with the due diligence it requires. Consequently, they lack the exam skills needed to crack it.

Hence we have come up with this new programme Panoptic Prelims Quest. The programme is a handholding series of video lectures discussing previous years questions threadbare. It will enable you to develop your skills in tackling MCQ based questions. It will delve into elimination techniques, spotting the clues in the question, applying what one knows to reach the answer, taking calculated risks etc. These videos will be supplemented with Live Video sessions on Zoom to emphasize the takeaways and discuss your doubts and queries. 

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Course Content

History Questions - 2020
1:18:39 Mins
History Questions - 2019
38:07 Mins
History Questions - 2018
42:44 Mins
History Questions - 2017
37:08 Mins
History Questions - 2016
29:51 Mins
History Questions - 2015
44:50 Mins
History Questions - 2014
31:52 Mins
History Questions - 2013
32:24 Mins
History Questions - 2012
34:00 Mins
History Questions - 2011
33:53 Mins
Polity Questions - 2020
35:17 Mins
Polity Questions - 2019
19:38 Mins
Polity Questions - 2018
20:54 Mins
Polity Questions - 2017
51:09 Mins
Polity Questions - 2016
09:38 Mins
Polity Questions - 2015
17:16 Mins
Polity Questions - 2014
20:43 Mins
Polity Questions - 2013
28:52 Mins
Polity Questions - 2012
35:41 Mins
Polity Questions - 2011
12:02 Mins
Economy Questions - 2020
60 Mins
Economy Questions - 2019
60 Mins
Economy Questions - 2018
50 Mins
Economy Questions - 2017
50 Mins
Economy Questions - 2016
45 Mins
Economy Questions - 2015
60 Mins
Economy Questions - 2014
60 Mins
Economy Questions - 2013
60 Mins
Economy Questions - 2012
50 Mins
Economy Questions - 2011
60 Mins