E Learning UPSC Constitution of India E-Learning Course 2020

Constitution of India E-Learning Course 2020

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This course includes:

This module covers all the aspects of the Constitution of India required for the UPSC preparation.

About this ELP

This ELP Module has been based on the UPSC Main Examination pattern for the Constitution of India part of the GS-II paper.


The ELP has been prepared by Shri Yashwant Thakare, a retired civil servant from the 1990 batch of Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IA&AS). Shri Thakare has served as Director-General of the National Academy of Audit and Accounts, Shimla – a premier training institute that imparts training to IA&AS probationers and officers.

ELP Contents

01. GS-II Paper Pattern and Constitution Topics
24 Mins
02. Constitution: Introduction and Features
38 Mins
03. Preamble and Citizenship
47 Mins
04. Fundamental Rights and DPs – Part I
36 Mins
05. Fundamental Rights and DPs – Part II
35 Mins
06. Fundamental Rights and DPs – Part III
44 Mins
07. Federal System and the Centre – Part I
27 Mins
08. Federal System and the Centre – Part II
47 Mins
09. Federal System and the Centre – Part III
21 Mins
10. The State Government
23 Mins
11. Centre State Relations – Part I
40 Mins
12. Centre State Relations – Part II
30 Mins
13. Judiciary
25 Mins
14. Third Tier of Government
26 Mins
15. Elections
45 Mins
16. Working of the Constitution
39 Mins
17. Miscellaneous Topics
30 Mins
18. Comparison of Constitution with Other Countries
19 Mins
19. Constitutional Bodies – Part I
26 Mins
20. Constitutional Bodies – Part II
23 Mins
21. Non-Constitutional Bodies
48 Mins